Verdi House Kitchen

PROJECT NAME: Verdi House Project: Part B - Verdi House Kitchen
DESIGN TYPE: Architecture/Interior design
BUILDING TYPE: Kitchen for family home
PROJECT DETAILS: Design Studio 2B 2007
PROJECT LOCATION: Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand
PROJECT TUTOR: David Chaplin
BRIEF: Draw structural, component and fitting details of the Verdi House Kitchen and build a model of the kitchen expressing materiality and structure

Part A of the project involved designing an entire house for a corner site in Ponsonby for a diverse family of seven, spanning three generations. Part B took the project in to more detail requiring detail drawings of the kitchen as well as a model. This particular model took over 150 hours in no more than 9 days. The entire model was hand made - from the individual weatherboards being hand cut and glued together to the intricate details of the window and door framing to the joinery, pantry shelving and wine rack.

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