The Toko Font/Portfolio

So I have been a very busy boy. Busy doing interesting things, and busy doing uninteresting things, but lets not focus too much on the uninteresting.

I present to you my very own font called 'The Toko Font', which I created using Adobe Illustrator.
The Toko Font started out by scribbling on a piece of paper at work trying to come up with a logo for my Design Portfolio... 8 hours later and look what happened!

So yes, Typography is another interest to add to my list of creative outlets. What I find fascinating about Typography is how a single letter or even a single part of a letter can speak so painterly. The Toko Font for me provokes tension; very light, elegant vertical Stems and Spines versus a heavier horizontality at the tops and bottoms.
When designing the font, I looked at line weights used in architectural drawings and how they are employed to imply depth and importance etc.

Once I had my font sorted I was able to use it to influence the emotion of the portfolio. The obvious strength the characters have lay in their horizontality, this facilitated the panoramic layout. The graded colours in the background were inspired by the transition in the line weights.

As follows are pages from my Design Portfolio I presented as a bound document at my interview for acceptance in to Unitec's, Bachelor of Design & Visual Arts: Product & Furniture Design 2011.
All my effort wasn't in vain as I received a letter of acceptance in to the course, so as you can guess I am very excited.

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