367 Days

As I sit at my desk on the 2nd of January 2013 and reflect on the past 367 days, I can't help but wonder how I made it out the other side in one piece. It was one hell of a year and here is why..

FEBRUARY: I moved in to my new place in Mount Eden and prepared my life for the months ahead and it was the start of the end for my tertiary education, things looked a bit daunting.

MAY: I was studying and working two part-time jobs. It was a lot of fun but in your final year of study it's probably not a good idea to gamble with your time so I decided to commit my self to my education more than I had ever before by stopping work and struggle to survive on my pitiful Student Allowance.

JUNE: Something new... Never in my life have I experienced an allergic reaction to calamari, but that all changed in about 30mins as my entire face swelled up and stayed that way for several weeks, even after intense medication and hospital visits. I was out of action at uni for about a week, right at the end of my first semester in the middle of my presentations and hand ins (Yes I presented my project with a swollen face)

AUGUST: August 2012 marked the begin of my 30's. I won a design competition the year before and the prize included flights to Melbourne and accommodation and it just so happened that it fell directly on my birthday. I was accompanied to Melbourne with 12 of my close fiends as we revelled it up and painted the town pink. How did I reach 30 years of age in what has felt like only 15 years...?

NOVEMBER: I finally completed my tertiary education after 7 years of the most intense character building experiences. There really is only one way to describe the closing of that chapter, but bitter sweet.

DECEMBER: I packed up my life in Auckland and made the move to Dunedin to be with my partner Rob, who is about to start his 3rd year of Medicine at Otago University. I've never fallen in love with a city this quickly and I look forward to seeing what opportunities I can make with it.

So is 2012 to be seen as the year that prepared me for 2013...?

I'd like to think so. I'm grateful for all that I was part of last year and 2013 is already looking to be one heck of a year - starting off with my graduating project, LightSpace, selected by the curators of Objectspace to participate in their Best of Show exhibition in February. So I will by returning to Auckland for the show but before then I will be spending most of my time starting my business, Jade Doel Design (website coming soon). I suppose this is where most of my energy will be investing over the next 12 months and I hope to have achieved at least one great thing by this time next year with my business.

So here's to an exciting and prosperous year!


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