Exhibit Success

On Friday evening, the opening night for the Objectspace Best in Show exhibition took place on Auckland's, Ponsonby Road. It's full steam ahead for JDD down in Dunedin, but I was lucky enough to have a space in my calendar to attend the event and see all the work by the other 18 talented exhibitors whilst meeting interesting guests.

This is my first exhibition outside of university, there was a feeling of excitement - that this occasion will mark the official beginning of my professional career because it is here where I will meet people and present myself as a design professional instead of a design student.

A selection of projects by Best in Show exhibitors

The evening started at 6pm with eager guests clamouring to get in and see the work, the diversity of which made for a rich viewing experience. There were pieces of fashion, jewellery, ceramic, lighting, graphic, product and more through out the space that let the viewer transition between inspirational design worlds.
For me, this is what makes Best in Show such a unique opportunity for both exhibitors and guests - it's a place to be inspired and interact with emerging thinkers and makers, appreciators and the like-minded, where a community of support and opportunity is presented to all who attend, not just the exhibitors.

Objectspace Best in Show Exhibition 2013 from Jade Doel Design on Vimeo.

Inside Objectspace

Jade and friends at Objectspace

Anna, enjoying LightSpace

Jade (left) with friend Jared

I feel completely honoured to have been one of the few selected national design and arts graduates to partake in Objectspace's 9th annual Best in Show exhibition and I would like to thank them tremendously for inviting me to be part of this amazing platform. I would also like to wish all the other graduates the best with their professional careers.

Best in Show is open to the public until the 2nd of March 2013 (10am-5pm)8 Ponsonby Road, Auckland

Following are a few photographs taken at Objectspace the following morning, where exhibitors spoke about their work on display.


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