Inspiration of the Month: March

Each month I select a handful of creative "things" from across the world and combine them to create a sort of "inspiration soup" that is consumed to motivate creativity, spark interest and exercise that cerebral matter.
Let's see what the inspirations for the month of March 2013 are...

The theme this month is KiK, 'Keeping it Kiwi', because like the bird, if you don't look carefully you'll miss it.
Kia Ora!


New Zealand is considered a small country compared to the rest of the world. With a population a little over 4 Million people, it punches well above it's weight. That includes design, and Fancy is New Zealand's leading blog for contemporary NZ design. What I love most about Fancy is that it honours and celebrates New Zealand's unique design culture. Fancy is also one of my blogs that I visit on a weekly basis, because it showcases "awesome design stuff, from around new zealand & around the world, but mostly nz".
The New Zealand Design Blog, Fancy!

Vicki Te Puni is one on New Zealand's young and upcoming stars in photography with her face appearing on both sides of the camera. She was one of the faces for Unitec in a reality-styled ad campaign that saw Te Puni on TV commercials and billboards across the country.
Behind the camera, Te Puni has been capturing some of the deeply personal and story driven artefacts behind her participants. This insight has been executed with fines in an almost documenting and recording style that lets the artefact speak.

Salu salu (Fijian decorative neckpiece)


I think creating a music video clip would be one of the most difficult film jobs to do successfully. It's your job to turn lyrics and emotions in to something visual without being literal and on top of that you want it to be original in some aspect to stand out from the billions of music videos in existence.
That is why I have chosen the music video for 'Wake Up' by Kiwi songstress, Aaradhna. It's a clever, soulful little piece of work directed by Special Problems. And it's a catchy little tune!

Aaradhna - "Wake Up" my debut single from my new album coming later in the year!!! I like to call it Retro / Metro. Inspired by old favourites like Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Richie Valens, The Capri's and contemporary artists like Amy Winehouse and Calvin Richardson. After time away from music, this is my most honest album to date.
The album is called "Treble & Reverb" - Coming November 2012.
Directed by Special Problems. - Youtube video information

Finding a contemporary, designer chair that I genuinely like is actually a hard task for me. I stumbled across the Odin Chair on a design blog and it was love at first sight. The obvious Scandinavian influences and attention to detail caught my own attention and on further investigation I found out that it was actually by Kiwi designer, Jamie McLellan. I think you'll agree that it's hard not to like this design.

Odin Chair by Jamie McLellan

During my Architectural education, there were only a handful of international architects that influenced the way I approached the relationship of nature and architecture. Probably the most influential was one of New Zealand's leading Architects, Andrew Patterson.
Patterson Associates has become recognised as one of five architects, world-wide whose "Work is set to shape global architecture in the 21st century." - World Architecture News.

The Hills Clubhouse, Arrowtown, New Zealand (photographer: Simon Devitt)

The word graphic to me isn't just an image on paper. The further away it can be from that perspective the more interesting. That is why I have selected the work by Citta Design. Their Winter 2013 collection 'Londontown' has been based on characters that are represented through textures and patterns. Instead of showing you an image, I thought it might be cool to experience their work through this thoughtful video... 

They are the pioneers of fun and colour in New Zealand fashion. WORLD is the "Factory of Ideas and Experiments" and believes fashion should not be taken too seriously. This attitude has defined them as one of the countries leading fashion houses. They pride themselves on offering opulent "experiences" and are a brand set on dressing the exterior of men and woman so to match who they are on the inside. It's hard to say exactly what they do in so few words, but what they don't do is "Boring".

HERE is a must see video of co-founder and designer, Francis Hooper talking to the NZ Herald. 

'Boring Get's You Nowhere' A/W 2013 Collection (Hotel Chevalier Paisley Jkt and Skirt)

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