Zambesi Project

PROJECT NAME: Zambesi Store
DESIGN TYPE: Architecture
BUILDING TYPE: Multi-use building: Retail Department Store/Headquarters/Residential Apartments
PROJECT DETAILS: Design Studio 3A 2008
PROJECT LOCATION: Ponsonby Road, Auckland, New Zealand
PROJECT TUTOR: Danelle Briscoe
BRIEF: Using paper, explore a building skin design that is self-supporting and is reflective of the iconic New Zealand fashion house Zambesi

The photographs below are of explorative ideas, looking at the skin of the building as a type of Origami.
Paper in a variety of weight, colour and texture was folded, bent and cut to develop forms which were inspired by the 2007 winter collection by Zambesi, whom used silvers, bold forms, pleats and straight cuts.
No scale was resolved at this stage in the design, but by placing the forms inside of a blank canvas with no sense of scale, the paper sculptures were able to be interpreted in to many gradients of size.

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