Defining Lighting

When I set out to create my final project for my Bachelor of Product & Furniture Design degree I had no idea what it was going to be or what it was going to even look like. I know that every designer faces that same feeling I had of, "WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO?!".

I recall my tutor telling our group that this project will be our most important, It was going to be used by others to define who we are as designers wether we wanted that to happen or not. YIKES!
To be honest this scared the day lights out of me, I was afraid I was going to let my self down, to not live up to my abilities and expectations and ruin my future as a successful designer...

What else do you do with such pressure but make diamonds.
I didn't have a spare second for doubt, the following months kept me focused on designing, sketching, CAD'ing, prototyping and making. I had no time to look back, I continued on head first until I reached the end of my journey, where I finally got the chance to stand back and look at what I had achieved. I'm modest for the most part but my pride in knowing I had achieved something only 3-4 months earlier didn't even exist was astounding to me. And what makes this achievement even more enjoyable is the response that I have received.
My tutor was right, I feel that LightSpace has defined me as a designer. It was a project that explored new ideas and this I feel is the essence of my future work. I look forward to sharing new ideas that I am working on with you very shortly, so stay tuned!

Thank you to those who have blogged, tweeted, posted, pinned and shared LightSpace with their friends and followers. You have my gratitude.
As follows are a few pages (click to enlarge) from my development process taken from my contextual document and a few links to websites that have featured LightSpace:
"a visually striking pendant lamp that might be manmade, but beautifully embodies the essence of nature" - Trend Hunter


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Yanko Design (USA)

Star Magazine (USA)

Keetsa (USA)

Journal du Design (FRANCE)

Uwofo (CHINA)

Famingzhe (CHINA)

Design News (ITALY)

Fancy Design Blog (NEW ZEALAND)

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