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As a User Experience Designer, you never know what type of product you are going to design next, this is something that I absolutely love and enjoy about my job. What makes it even more meaningful to me is when you get the chance to work on revolutionary projects that have the potential to change peoples lives for the better. This is what GohMee is all about.

For the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with three friends on a healthy eating smart phone app called GohMeeIn May of 2015 we released GohMee to the world as a free-to-download app for Android and iOS devices.
The past 12 months have been absolutely incredible working on this project but it's not over yet! We're currently hard at work developing multiple, optional features called GohMee Expansions, that you can use to upgrade your GohMee experience. We've got tonnes of great content in the pipeline and we look forward to releasing some of it in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

To learn more about GohMee, please check out our press release below, we are also open to partnerships with companies that align with our values so please contact us at hello@gohmee.com

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App Name as displayed in the app stores: GohMee

Introduction: GohMee was founded in Christchurch, New Zealand in June 2014, and was officially released on 21 May 2015. GohMee was founded on a desire to help people of all ages, shapes and walks of life understand their nutritional and dietary needs in an easy to use package.  It is not a fad but an individualised eating programme that people can use to learn to eat well for life.

Problem and Solution: The problem is that existing food and activity tracking products are unnecessarily fiddly and time consuming to use. Competitors have created apps that are complex and overwhelming, and turn what should be a simple task into a chore. GohMee wants to empower all users to better understand their personal needs and at the same time give them access to a simple to use tool.
The solution can be found in GohMee’s simple card logging system that is easy to follow and keeps users engaged by removing some of the hurdles and work around eating well.

What it does: At the start of each day, GohMee instantly calculates and organises the nutritional intake and activity output based on the user's personal details. GohMee then presents them with an allotment of cards for the day, all they have to do now is spend an average of two-minutes a day swiping and logging their cards as they go, no need to worry about calorie counting!

Why it is different: GohMee has been designed for the everyday-person by taking care of the complicated, technical jargon and processes associated with healthy eating and replaces them with the intuitive card logging system, helping people understand the food that they know and love in the process.

The price and Availability: The app is completely FREE and is available for download on Android and iOS devices right now.

The Future of GohMee: We’re working very hard on developing more valuable features to our users in the near future, including:
  • An integrated GohMee community, where people can share their GohMee journey
  • Integration with third party health devices such as, FitBit™ for automatic activity logging
  • A Shop feature that invites GohMee partners to promote their products to our user base and allow our users to use their GohPoints to purchase their products and unique GohMee items that expand the apps functionality and features.
  • A Scrapbook feature that displays longitudinal tracking of progress and user stats. It’ll also have a diary and “a photo a day” feature
This list is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the future of our platform, which is why we are so excited to see GohMee succeed.

About Team GohMee: Sally Rossiter, the founder of the successful paper-based healthy eating programme, Life Choices, approached three friends in June of 2014 to help her turn her work into a digital format, much to the excitement of her clients. It took her several years to find the right people and the right time, but the stars aligned on a cold winter’s evening in 2014 at an outdoor bar in Christchurch city, where the team was united for the first time with a strong belief in Sally’s vision. A couple of weeks later GohMee™ (named after the self-motivational phrase, “go me”) was founded by Sally, Peter Dunlop as the backend guru, Colm Brady as the frontend ninja and Jade Doel as the quirky designer.

Website: www.gohmee.com
Apple App Store: Available now here
Google Play Store: Available now here



Contact: Jade Doel - Design and Marketing - jade@gohmee.com
Skype ID: jade.doel
Official Hashtag: #GohMee

GohMee for Review

GohMee™, the revolutionary way to log food and physical activity - For iOS and Android devices

Trying to reach your health goals can be very challenging, and it doesn’t help when you’ve got the motivation but not the know how. That’s where GohMee comes in.

GohMee helps remove some of the barriers that can interfere with the journey to reaching a weight loss or weight maintenance goal.
These are some of the barriers GohMee can help you with:
  • Nutrition: Knowing what food groups to eat and the portion sizing
  • Calorie counting: GohMee takes care of all the counting so that you can just enjoy your food instead of treating it like a science experiment
  • Exercise: How much physical activity is required and what constitutes towards exercise
  • Self-motivation: Encouragement through a unique points and achievements system that keeps you focused and goal orientated

GohMee is available for download for free on the App Store (May 2015) and the Google Play Store (Now). You can read more about GohMee at: www.gohmee.com
Thank you in advance for considering GohMee for review.

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