What I admire most about the business ideas and strategies of Nintendo is their ardent desire to try something new, to introduce new customers to the world of gaming and most importantly, to create fun for everyone! After the success of the Nintendo Wii, the company tried to stand on the shoulders of the hardwares success with the follow-up home console, the Wii U. Unfortunately the console never hit its stride and was semi-doomed from the beginning due to its lack of third-party support, confusing approach, lacklustre games at launch and tough competition from the likes of PlayStation, Xbox and even the mobile phone crowd.
A battle lost doesn't spell the end for the big N, they have experienced failure in the past and each time they come back with more gusto and creativity to launch "the next big thing" in gaming.

They are already underway with their upcoming much anticipated console, the NX (codename), also referred to as the Fusion (DS and Terminal), named so because it is rumoured to combine the best of the portable and home console traditions.

Based on these rumours I've created a quick concept for how I'd envision the NX to look and what features it might include to give it a point of difference compared to other electronic entertainment and utility devices on the market.

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  • A flexible capacitive HD LED touch screen that wraps from the front, around the edge, to the inside of the hinged screen panel
  • Dual sided screen design encourages game designers to think of new ways for active users and passive participants to interact with games and each other (think of the Battleship games)
  • Android OS and free serviced 3G phone for online access from anywhere at anytime
  • Stream games from the Terminal over Wi-Fi or the included free serviced 3G
  • Left and right pressure sensive analog pads with haptic feedback to imitate a click
  • Includes all buttons and control features currently found on the New Nintendo 3DS

Using the NX

  • When closed, use the NX as a regular Android smart phone with access to the Google Play Store and Android software
  • Developers and designers can use the strip of pixels on the 'blade' of the screen to display useful and interesting information even when the screen is in sleep mode
  • Open the dual sided screen to instantly change to the NX user interface (NX mode)
  • In NX mode users play games designed specifically for the NX that leverage the devices unique features and controls.

Using the NX Terminal

  • When you're at home, place the NX into the Terminal to play your NX compatible games on your TV.
  • The Terminal contains a hard drive and disc slot for disc-based games as well as additional controller that maps the layout of the NX control scheme, minus the dual screen.

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